Compact Multi-Spectral Imager for Nanosatellites

UPDATES 22nd September 2020: Our paper “Compact multispectral pushframe camera for Nanosatellites” was highlighted as an Editor’s Pick by the Applied Optics journal. Our work has also been a focus of a Special Report in the IEEE Signal Processing magazine.

CMSIN is an evolution of the single-pixel camera architecture, addresses the limitations of cameras in space-based applications. Using a novel ‘pushframe’ architecture CMSIN is design for hyper-spectral observation of fast moving scenes while retaining high spatial resolution and sensitivity.


CMSIN is a collaboration between

Physics Team:

Daniel Oi: Project Manager.
John Jeffers: Lead Manager on Design & Simulation.
Paul Griffin: Lead Manager on Experiment
Yoann Noblet: Testbed Build and Operation

CeSIP Team:

Steve Marshall: Lead Manager Signal Processing
Paul Murray: Co-Manager
Stuart Bennett: Signal and Image Processing

SoXSA Team:

Malcolm Macdonald: Lead Manager Roadmapping
Steve Owens: User Engagement & Mission Analysis

WideBlue Team:

Barry Warden: Project Manager
Craig Whitehill: Optical Physicist
Callum Stewart: Mechanical Engineer
Graeme Millar: Electronics design engineer
Ken Devlin: Software / Firmware design
Niall Slater: Mechanical Engineer,.


This project is supported by the UK Space Agency under the National Space Technology Programme (NSTP3-PF-031) and the Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation (CEOI 11th Call).


For further information, please contact Daniel Oi.